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Finally, after many months, 321 Collective have entered the world of blogging.  The plan for our blog is to provide you with a weekly “tidbit” (and other commonly used blog clichés) of information and opinion with a prime focus on film and television.  We’ll endeavour to add something worthwhile to the mountain of opinion and hearsay commonly found in the blogging community… and we hope you enjoy.

To give some background, 321 Collective was born from a desire to produce great creative.  James, Matt and myself (Gareth) are three creatives that, to be honest, are true nerds as well.  James may have spent 14 years riding freestyle BMX and sporting wicked piercings but he does love a good tool belt and wears one like a proud geek would wear a classic pocket protector.  Don’t get this guy talking about Steadicam unless you have a spare few hours and some strong sedatives!  Matt, however, is classic nerd.  He might be the creative genius behind our website but trust me when I say this guy treats his laptop like an American Express card… he never leaves home without it.  Then there’s me…  I’m often likened to that of a koala due to my Australian heritage and pre-dilection to maintaining large amounts of unkempt facial hair but, that aside, I immediately felt that James and Matt were my kind of nerds.

Nerdy as we are though, all three of us have creative blood running through our veins and we desperately feel the desire to create every day.  It’s often a rare and difficult thing to blend the creative with the technical but this is what we strive to do.  Although stemming from different career roots, we all have the same love for film production.  This point makes me think how the three of us must have made key decisions in our lives to somehow find a way to merge our love for the technical with our desire to create.  And, recent events have reminded us how that decision is one you make every day.

Last week Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs died and this can quite conceivably be one of the saddest moments for those who saw him as one of the great visionaries of our time.  He appeared to be a man who absolutely loved what he did… and did it very well.  In so many ways, he was the archetype for all techies and creatives alike.  Although he was a brilliant technical mind, coupled with an amazingly adept appreciation and understanding of aesthetics, Jobs, more importantly, embodied the desire within so many people to find success from what they truly love doing.

I believe James, Matt and myself, as the founders of 321 Collective, along with our pool of collective members, also have that desire.  As Steve Jobs suggested in 2005 at his Stanford University Commencement address:

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”  And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

Every day we ask ourselves that very question, and, so far we haven’t needed to change a thing…


Posted by Gareth Ward on October 11, 2011 at 02:06 PM in Ramblings

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Finally, after many months, 321 Collective have entered the world of blogging.  The plan for our blog is to provide you with a weekly “tidbit” (and other commonly…
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